Why never more than 28 days?

• After 3-4 years, a well planted coconut tree will have its flowers branches (which will turn into coconuts)

• These branches of flowers will grow in pair, each pair will bloom approximately 20 - 28 days after one another.

• Then six months afterwards, the best coconuts are ready to be collected.

• Another branches should be collected in order 20-28 days after one another.

• Coconuts which are cultivated before 20 days will have less meat and the water will be sour.

• Coconuts which are cultivated after 28 days will have plenty of meat but the water will be tasteless.

For these reasons, the best coconut water must be collected between 20-28 days after the cut of the branch. This is why it is essential to carefully set the right haversting period in order to obtain the most tasty (NAM-HOM) coconut water.

All of our coconuts have a document which certifies that they have been planted strictly in organic method. Furthermore, the period of their harvest has been strictly scheduled in order to have the best and the most natural flavored coconut water


The process we use for "Never More Than 28 Days" 100% raw organic coconut water (Nam-Hom) is called High Pressure Processing (HPP). Unlike pasteurization, HPP process does not heat organic coconut water and so preserves all micro-nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and aromas. Our bottles are immersed in a cylindrical chamber of the HPP machine filled with water at 10°C, then the water is subjected at 6000 bar pressure for 3 minutes: the equivalent of a dive 60km underwater. The coconut water is virgin and pure like if you have just opened it! Our Factory is certified by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Version 8, HACCP and GMP Quality. There are intensive checks in every step of the process in order to produce high quality raw coconut water which is our main goal.
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